Thursday, May 15, 2014


Stand Alone
Spot light
Start to sweat
all eyes watch
feeling regret

Emotional Moment

nothing is gained
one shot
there is no fame
light turns to darkness
watched eyes turned closed
the room empties
everyone goes home
Stand Alone
upon a stage
take a deep breath
no regrets

Emotional Moment

everything gained
there is no fame

Stand Alone
bright white room
the woman screams

Emotional Moment

once a mistake
now a world is gained
eyes are open
ready for fame
darkness turns to light
stage closes in
fists become tight
take a deep breath
no need to fight
no need to Stand Alone

Slow Death

The clouds darken
and lower to the ground
The fog sets in
as the wind howls
ready to venture into the unknown

Step Off
to a deathly glow
follow from a far
Darkness provides cover
moving through the trees
the bushes rustle
Rain falls from the sky
lightning and thunder give me a high
this is when bullets fly

Crackle and hiss above my head
Part of me is already dead

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Empty Room, A Full Mind

I sit in my room one last time
It feels so empty with nothing inside
I'm about to start the next page of life
My childhood is now over and gone
My mind flips back the pages
Turns back time
From one memory to the next
They all connect
They tell a tale of a precious life
Looking at old photos, they seem like yesterday
How small and fragile I once was
You can now start to truly see that family is forever
but friends can come and go
What lies in store for me
only God knows
Work through your demons
and find your inner soul
Its key to never forget
Who helped you get to where you're at
They helped you become who you are
Recognized this and you will go far

Friday, March 4, 2011


Make like a tree and leave
You come and go as you please
There is two sides to you
You pass me by like a breeze
Then comeback like a gust of wind
Now I’m the center of your attention
But it won’t last long
You have no clue where you belong
But I guess that’s karma
The theory of the Dalai Lama
I should look at the relationships I’m destroying
Rather than concentrate on the ones I’m building
I am only one man
But there is people who need me
Waiting for my help, sitting there bleeding
I need to give them something to believe in
I’m supposed to be a role model
But where have I been?
Forgive me Lord for I have sinned
It’s time to turn back the pages and go to square one
You were never there for me
I had it all wrong
It was all about you all along
What about me?
I’m glad I opened my eyes to look and see
I realize now who I want to be
With you I was just a shadow of myself
There is plenty of fish in the sea
I have to switch gears
And take a look at the family tree
Drop the axe and catch the falling leaves
Soon I will be gone
Walking down the path of life
But the fork in the road cuts me in half like a knife
Which way do I turn?
Each path is a lesson I need to learn
But all I care about now is to get away from here
Leave the rules behind
I’ll be fine on my own
Get away from this broken home
There are people worse off
But I still deserve better
When you can’t even forecast the daily weather
One day tornadoes are spinning
The next
The sun is out and the birds are singing
It’s the same shit
Different day
Different week
Break this routine and climb the highest peak
Reach the top and look down at the world below
The city glows
From the radiant light
In the middle of the night
I jump off the edge
No ground beneath my feet
As I free fall into the street
This is a feeling I get
I have my regrets
But it took two to create this mess
You just want to sweep it under the rug
You couldn’t care less
You took your shots
But I’m wearing a bullet proof vest
One day I will be gone
Away from here
You will see something has disappeared
But I can’t leave yet
It would be selfish of me to forget
I have to make some more time
And not make him wait
Before he thinks I was never there
Then it will be too late
I am foolish for the risks I have taken
I am young enough for the mistakes I am making
From front to side to side but never back
Only a true fool will do that

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Money, Money, Money
That’s all people want
Meanwhile I’m sittin’ here nearly bankrupt
I can barely pay my bills
I’m barely scraping by
But society doesn’t care
As long as they get their share
Because it’s all about money
And isn’t kind of funny
How greedy some are
While others our hungry
We watch them suffer
As the weak get weaker and strong get tougher

Here Bill, have another million dollars
While little Phil has to walk a mile for fresh water
But for just a dollar a day … Fuck the commercials
What can I say
Because money is everything in our world today
You get judged by the amount in your account
All you are is another figure
See if your math teacher can figure that equation out
Scratch your head and wonder and awe
We haven’t made it all that far
You are not you with no money in the bank
… one of us had to be a little bit frank 

Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Months

In the middle of the night I sit in my chair
Talking to you without any care
I got school in the morning and there is work to be done
But talking to you I’m having too much fun
It’s hard to focus on the work I should do
When someone has dazzling beauty like you
The distance between us makes me blue
I feel like an animal caged in the zoo
When all I want to do is be there with you

5 months to go
That’s all there is
Till I see your pretty face

It will be the first time we met
But I’m willing to bet
What we will experience we will never forget
So much can change from now till then
Lets hope it works out for the better in the end
Your the girl from me
That is easy to see
But for now your here and I’m there
And it all seems a little unfair
But if it is meant to be
It will be
And we can only just wait and see
Even though sitting back and waiting is not me
It’s all I can do
And be true to you

5 months to go
That’s all there is

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


They say I'm funny
They say I'm smart
They think they know me
But they really do not

Those who are closest say I don't show emotion
They can't tell if I'm mad or if I'm sad
They can only see that there is something on my mind
They are looking for something they can not find
But I'm not supposed to show emotion
For I am a man

They say my life is tragic
After all I've been through and still only a teen
I've yet to attend a wedding
But funerals I've seen plenty
When I lost a parent
I could not speak
It was only tears that I leaked
My brother was another
It was all too quick
Young enough to wear a bib
He died in his crib
I'll never forget how hard my father squeezed as they laid his son to rest
I could not cry
I could not speak
I just stood there and stared
For the answers that I seeked
The lowest of the low
But it got better
How could it not?

They assume my life is sad
But it hasn't been that bad
I've been given a lot and I've worked for what I got

What they say isn't entirely true
To learn the facts you must ignore the fool